Tackle the hardest research challenges in Online CAWI Research

Be a Hero to your Customers by Leveraging Quality Data & Quick Turn around time with Enterprise MR BUDDIES CAWI Operation


CAWI Online

Streamline CAWI Online process smoothly. Covering Sales/BID Process to Closure , Vast Project Management With Deep Fraud Screening with “Fraud-Cop” , Supplier Bid Process to Quota Allocation , Deep & AI Based Report Generation to Invoicing & Reconciliation


Manage Clients, RFQ/BID,Quotation,Contracts


Supplier Management with Login & API


Vast Project Management DIY Approach


Redirects & Quota Allocations For Suppliers


Deep Fraud Screening with Fraud Cops


AI Based Reporting for Clients & Suppliers


Recontact Algo for Reconnecting Projects


Routers for Engaging Respondents


Reconciliation for CLients & Suppliers


Invoicing - Messaging & Much More

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Stay ahead of new and unknown fraud

Stop all fraud & abuse today

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Icebreaking MR Buddies-CAWI ONLINE


Reopen Completed Project with New Link


Engaging Repondent to fill multiple surveys

Social Media & Affiliate

Link with FB,LN,YT & Affiliate Web

Pre Screen Library

Vast Multilingual Preloaded PreScreen Library

Marketplace Demand & Supply API

Enabling Marketplace Demand Pull & Supply Push Integrations with MR Buddies

Demand & Supply API

Create your internal marketplace via integrating Demand & Supply API with MR Buddies

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Productivity Focused

MR BUDDIES analyze type of Supplies Business have, automatically pulling inventories from integrated marketplaces.

Advance Graphical Reports

Get Deep into Client , Fraud , Supplier & Project Reports


Easy integrate all your essential tools

MR Buddies Faciliates Wide Ease Plugins

Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning

Enhance PM Productivity with AI-ML Equipped Engine

Predictive Analysis

Over time, MR BUDDIES learn the pattern and behaviour of type of Supplies Business have, automatically pulling inventories from integrated marketplaces and displaying them on an opportunity dashboard for related suppliers.

Alert to PM/ADMIN

MR BUDDIES AI Alerts PM/Admin if there are any Security Breach, Survey Link Paused/Stopped / Unexpected Behaviours of Project. This can also be notified on mail & WhatsApp.

Leader Board Mapping Client & Suppliers

Based on the Projects Status & Profitability Matrix, MR BUDDIES ranks Suppliers & Clients. This enables Business to map quality clients to quality suppliers & vice versa. Leaderboard had enhanced the Value Proportion for the organizations.


The Complete Solutions

Seemless Integrated & Connected Platform.

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Intuitive Dashboard
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Connected Workflow
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Engagement Reporting