Role of Routers in CAWI Online Market Research


As the Popularity of routers is increasing in CAWI Online Research, its observed that Routers are still unknown for the masses. Boosting the Business In CAWI Online Market Research process is a hustle, until & unless the organisation is equipped with complete project automation with robust technology.

The technology can enable business with robust micro features which can boost your business on top. MR BUDDIES Equips business with all the advancement right from Marketing >Sales> PM > Supplier Automation > API Enablement & Much More.

Boosting the Business in Online Market Research Space Essentially Require: 

  • A Technology that automates end to end process , not only project management but also sales , suppliers , clients , APIs etc . 
  • A Technical Support Team for troubleshooting & guiding ongoing 
  • R&D Unit who can observe your business & fill up the gaps with the “New Process” . 

Today we are here to introduce “ROUTER” - an effective way of increasing revenue with the ethical method 

 “Router” is one of the advanced features that enable MR Organizations to engage B2C Respondents in attempting multiple surveys one after the other. "Routers" refers to a specific functionality within survey platforms rather than the common networking devices that connect devices to the Internet. Routers in CAWI help in managing the path of the survey based on responses provided by participants, effectively guiding the flow of questions to enhance the relevance and efficiency of the data collection process. This article will explore the crucial role that routers play in CAWI systems, the benefits they bring to online market research, and the best practices for their implementation.

How to use Routers in CAWI Online?

Routers are algos / logical rules integrated within the survey software that direct the flow of questions based on respondents' answers. Router Retains the respondent after end of a survey & pull another survey related & mapped with the criteria of the respondent in B2C. 

This dynamic adjustment enables researchers to tailor the survey experience for each participant, avoiding irrelevant questions and focusing on collecting data that is most pertinent to the study's objectives.


Better ROI Using Routers in Online Market Research

Engaging Respondents to Multiple Surveys 

If Respondent is Direct OR the Respondent is from Affiliate Partners - Router Works in both the way . Using the Post Back URL the affiliates are informed on the respondents coming from their end & their engagement. Getting Respondents Engaged in multiple surveys yields revenue to an unseen height. 

Enhanced Data Relevance and Quality

By enabling routers system ensures that only the most relevant Surveys/Questions should be pushed to respondents on a repetitive survey filing , based on their previous responses of the respondent . This focused approach increases the relevance of the data collected plus enhances the overall quality eliminating  potential dropout rates.

Efficiency and Time Savings

As the respondents are repetitive , there are no need of Prescreeners, So once the respondents are Validated & System knows that respondent is not the potential threat, the elimination of prescreening & fraud screening is performed from the next matched surveys- Boosting the higher productivity

B2C Surveys are more engaging & Routers help in maintaining the respondent's interest and motivation throughout the survey by ensuring that question mix in the surveys are kept as per the analysis of respondent tags.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Routers also enable flexibility for adapting surveys to different geo /population/industry segments within the same study. This helps in covering diverse subjects or demographic groups, enabling more balanced with deeper analysis-insights.

Best Practices for Implementing Routers in CAWI

Thorough Testing and Validation

Before deploying a router-enhanced survey, it is crucial to conduct extensive testing to ensure that all logical paths are automated & tested correctly. The Essentials are for successful router setup


  1. Clear Logical Rules
  2. Continuous Monitoring and Adjustment during execution
  3. Maintaining Data Privacy and Security 
  4. Maintaining the transparency With Your Suppliers via Post Back URL  



Advancing your organisation is necessary not only with Tech Automation , but also with Advance Features. MR BUDDIES enables  research business with “Routers”, a powerful tool in  CAWI online market research, enabling more efficient, relevant, and engaging surveys.

MR BUDDIES not only Consult , but also equip the teams by Training in the right direction, so as by understanding and implementing routers effectively, researchers can greatly enhance the  actionable insights derived from their studies, providing a solid foundation for strategic decisions in market analysis. As market research continues to evolve with technological advancements, routers will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of data collection methods.