Fraud Threat in CAWI ONLINE Research


Market research fraud and its impact on businesses has intensified recently, fueled by two contrasting viewpoints. On the one hand, market agrees that 70% to 80% of all market research data is fraudulent.

There is more uncertainty, however, about whether this fraud has a measurable impact on the outcomes of market research studies. One perspective, showcased in a recent report, alleges that fraud is a significant drain on corporate revenues, with billions of dollars in estimated losses.

Pre-screeners For Threat Detection

Pre-screeners are used to filter out the respondents which does not matches the criteria for participating in the survey. They are usually short survey questions at the beginning of actual survey that help identify the target demographic. For example, a pre-screener for a survey about Car might ask respondents if they own a Car. Those who answer "no" would be disqualified from the survey.

Advantages: Pre-screeners helps ensuring that the Respondents meet the required criteria, improving the quality of collected Data. They also save time & resources by filtering out ineligible respondents initially in the process.

Fraud Screening:

Prescrrener URL is screened via Fraud Detection Software , Such as FRAUD COP of MR BUDDIES . Fraud screening methods are used to identify and avert fraudulent activity in surveys such as :

Here’s what Fraudsters are doing


  1. Geo Spoofing
  2. VPN Spoofing
  3. Data Centre Frauds
  4. Residential IP Frauds
  5. Browser Spoofing
  6. Fraud From IP Address
  7. Fraudulent Identities:
  8. Anonymity Breach
  9. Speeding Through Surveys
  10. Thin Client Fraud
  11. Data Manipulation
  12. Survey Panel Fraud
  13. Survey Spoofing
  14. Duplicate Responses
  15. Incentive Fraud
  16. Bots Prevention and Automation
  17. Fake Panel Companies


Techniques: Fraud screening techniques can include RDC Security , Motion Detection CAPTCHA challenges, Exclusions, IP address tracking, Geolocation Verification, URL Protection,Chrome Bot and data validation checks to detect inconsistent or suspicious responses.

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Benefits: Fraud screening helps maintaining the Survey Data integrity by reducing the risk of fraudulent responses. It also helps ensuring that the data collected accurately represents the target audience & it safeguard the data as well as it maintain the reputation of your organization in fron of client .