Demand Supply API Integration in Online CAWI Market Research


CAWI Online Market Research  has picked up the trend in last 5 years, the major factor including picking up the pace is :

  • Volumetric Survey Execution 
  • Waiving Cross-Border Limitation 
  • No Voice or Travel Barrier 
  • Nearly 100X less expense than F2F

However, the role of Technology plays a vital role in managing & executing the entire process of CAWI online surveys. Since the CAWI Online Survey is entirely dependent on the Volumetric Matrix & the ROI of any organization depends upon completion achieved - all the frauds. 

The entire process of operation requires the involvement of multiple teams to configure & launch the projects, connect with suppliers for quotes & execution, implement frauds, negotiation with clients for every single project & freezing the contract. The entire lifecycle requires a combination of team & time investment, due to which the feasibility of increasing the volumes turns to the expenditure of increasing the manpower too. 

The Tread have now move towards the API integrations & controlling the Demands & Supplies via API work flows . There are various marketplaces & Panel Providing organizations Such as ( for an example ) 

  • Purespectrum 
  • Cint 
  • Sago 
  • Toluna 
  • Theorem Reach

& Many More who facilitate Demand Or Suppliers for millions of surveys, helping publishers monetize their apps while gaining powerful user insights. 

Demand Side API Integration & Automation 

Where a Market research Organization uses its Technology Project Management Platform / Sales Platform (Such as MR BUDDIES ) to Integrate Demand API of various market Place Organizations. 

The Demand is termed as Inventories/ Projects / Opportunities

Demand/Inventory Pull: Where Demand API has been integrated mapping with various sub API's like for fetching 

  • Survey ID 
  • Geolocation 
  • Gender
  • Quotas 
  • CPI 
  • Prescreener Questions

API integration enables Inventory/Project Pull from client-server to research organization Technology PM Platform. 

The Automation can be tied with predefined filters that help organizations to PULL thousands of Surveys in a Day , enabling automated Sales. 

Pros : 

Million of survey accessibility every day

Your Choice for Selection of Projects  

Less effort in sales 

Cons : 

For API enablement contracts, MR organization should have its own traffic & Panel 

CPI may be on the lower side as compared to traditional sales. 

Supply Side API Integration & Automation 

Similar to the Demand Side API , Supplier Side API integration can be enabled in Technology Project Management Platform to fetch the supplies from suppliers. 

For picking up the supplies from : Market Place Suppliers ( Panel ) like : (For example only) 

  • Purespectrum 
  • Cint 
  • Sago 
  • Toluna 
  • Theorem Reach

& Many More 


B2B Panel Provider 

Supply API’s are been integrated that pushes the Project in DIY Platform of said marketplace & Automatically executes there .

Some of the Tuffest things in Technology is Prescreener Match up & questions integration , where our Technology Team provides the edge in integrating the seamless.


Some of the insights of automation via Demand & Supply Side Integrations 

  1. Get on the roads of automation 

  2. Easy & Bulk Project Closures 

  3. Easy Supplies via API from Partners 

  4. Automation Reduce the Workforce 

  5. System generated Algos with 0 error rate 

  6. Boost in defined & recurring ROI 


MR BUDDIES helping its client in setting up the roads of automation. MR BUDDIES consults on various strategies in automating the business for CAWI Online, CATI, IDI, Panel Solution Implementation, F2F, Fraud Termination in Advance Mode & Safeguard its clients to execute business with quality data through robust technology & 24*7 Support.