MR Buddies approach to combating data quality issues in online market research


In today’s data-driven world, online market research has become an essential tool for businesses looking to understand their target audience, inform strategic decisions and gain competitiveness of value but the effectiveness of online market research depends on the quality of the data collected. Data quality issues can seriously compromise the integrity of research findings, leading to inaccuracies and potentially serious errors.

One of the main concerns about data quality in online market research is the proliferation of fraudulent responses. Botnets and sophisticated algorithms can manipulate surveys, deliver inaccurate or false data that distort the true feelings and opinions of targeted people. This can lead to wrong marketing campaigns, decisions of manufacturing missing the mark, and ultimately losing money.

Another common problem with data quality is missing or incomplete data. Incomplete profiles, skipped questions and inconsistent answers can lead to gaps in data, making it difficult to gain meaningful insights and information This can hinder efforts to better segment audiences, better understand and identify customer preferences trends that inform business decisions.

Inaccurate data is also a major challenge for data quality in online market research. Human error, data entry errors, and technical errors can lead to inaccuracies that skew research results. This can lead to misinterpretation of consumer behavior, product manipulation, and even if the wrong information is used to make public statements or inform marketing campaigns

To ensure the reliability of online market research findings, MR Buddies platform has introduced a variety of strategies:

  • Best practices: MR Buddies have an established track on data security, fraud prevention, and best practices including VPN detection, bot detection, geo-IP filtering and LOI checks to protect the integrity of survey responses

  • Device Filter: Control device access i.e. Mobile, Desktop & Tablet to ensure respondents are only using allowed device for taking the survey.

  • Use effective Screener design principles: Choose screener question from a big question bank or Create clear, concise, and clean-to-pass screener of your own. Avoid jargon, vague questions, and inappropriate timing to reduce the chances of mistakes and incomplete answers.

  • Static or Dynamic redirects: Depending on Client specific requirements the platform is equipped to allow setup of static or dynamic redirects. Dynamic redirects reduces the chance of frauds by generating new set of redirects every time whereas the static redirects allow for quick setup and accommodate Client platform which does not support dynamic redirects

  • Incorporate quality control for suppliers: Continuously check for statistical discrepancies, inconsistencies, and procedures that could satisfactorily indicate fraud or information problems.

Incorporate quality control for suppliers: Continuously check for statistical discrepancies, inconsistencies, and procedures that could satisfactorily indicate fraud or information problems.


Fraud Detection is the spinal cord if Research needs to be Closer to accuracy & perfection. Market is full of fraudsters & you never know how much you are leaking your revenue & business image both.


  • Copy Paste: Abandon Copy Paste feature so that robots don't hack your sample

  • Bots Auto Fill: Get a system with bots detection, so that your the study does not get into bias 3) Speeder- Min Time (LOI) auto-detection

  • Geo IP Detection: Detect Mismatch Geo Location & Disqualify Respondent immediately

  • Exclusion: Multiple-time respondent exclusion based On the previous study

  • Identifies survey cookie deletion intention to commit fraud

  • Unique IP /Duplicate IP Detection

  • Verification: Respondent Email Domain Reachable & Email ID Verification in pre-screen

  • VPN Detection ** Via API

  • High Secure Captcha

MR Buddies helps businesses growing big with accuracy.